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Where are your manufacturing facilities located?

A. We have five manufacturing facilities in the United States that offer a variety of products. View the facilities page for more information.

Q. How are the containers packaged and how many per bag or box?

A. Our standard packaging is a large poly bag, filled with layers of jars separated by cardboard sheets. This makes a large cubic package of approximately 28” W x 32” L x 34” H. The bags are placed 3 or 4 bags high in a truck. The number of jars in a bag varies with the size of the jar as a small jar takes up less space than a larger jar.

Q. Does my order come palletized?

A. All orders shipped via common carriers (LTL carriers) are palletized on a 29” x 53” pallet. This pallet usually holds 4 bags of jars. Full truckload orders are not palletized, but floor loaded, unless specifically requested. There is a pallet charge for this service. View the shipping page for more information.

Q. How can I get pricing information on containers?

A. You can view prices on line. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRICES.

Q. Does your pricing include shipping?

A. Our price list pricing does not include freight. Our price list is FOB Our Plant in Arvada, Colorado. We are happy to provide a freight quote to all of our customers.

Q. Does your pricing include lids?

A. Containers are priced without lids except where noted.

Q. What are your minimums?

A. Our manufacturing minimums are 2,000 jars for larger items and 5,000 jars for smaller items.

Q. Are your items in stock?

A. We manufacture to order and do not hold stock of our containers.

Q. What is your manufacturing lead time?

A. Normally it is four weeks. Please call for a current lead time.

Q. Do you offer labelling?

A. With orders larger than truckload quantities we can quote label application.

Q. Are colored lids available?

A. We stock and sell only uncolored snap lids and white threaded lids. We can refer you to the lid manufacturer for colored lids.

Q.Can I buy containers or jars in color?

A. With orders larger than truckload quantities we can quote the additional cost of adding color.

Q. I need a unique, custom shape for my products. Can you make me custom tool/mold?

A. Yes we can! Please fax your design to us and we will be pleased to give you a quote.

Q. I am a packaging representative - do you offer pricing protection?

A. We have a one price brochure. Anyone can purchase any item.

Q. What are you doing to reduce your environmental footprint?

A. We are constantly reviewing our policies and procedure to make ourselves more efficient with energy, raw materials, and source reduction. Read more about this.


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