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Environmental Efforts

Priority Plastics — Denver is committed to make our manufacturing facility efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this goal we are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures for ways to improve. Some examples of our efforts:

  1. Collect all scrap plastic that is not useable for our food containers, separate this waste stream to two different collection points. One is usable for non food products and we consume this plastic for exactly that purpose. The second is large lumps and chunks of plastic that used to be trash. These lumps and chunks are now given to a recycler who grinds this material up into flakes which are then used in a mixed plastic landscaping product. Our trash dumpster has virtually no plastic in it.
  2. We used to buy a non standard size wood pallet that was hard for others to reuse, so we now buy a pallet made from corrugated recycled paper. This pallet can be placed in any corrugated cardboard recycling bin at the end of it's life cycle. Our old style wood pallets are no longer turning up in anyone's trash bin.
  3. We are constantly improving the processing accuracy of our plastic manufacturing equipment, allowing us to make high quality parts with less plastic used, while maintaining the high functionality and quality our customers expect.
  4. During 2009 a study was completed analyzing our use of compressed air. The result was a 14% reduction in our use of electricity on compressed air. We also replaced all lighting with more efficient fixtures, again reducing our use of electricity.
  5. Any electric motor that needs replacing is replaced with a premium efficiency motor again reducing our electrical usage.

The net result of the above is a dramatic reduction in our footprint in the environment. And we are not done yet! Our manufacturing employees are continually evaluating new ideas to reduce even more.


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